Sports performance data archive and analytics is often considered the most effective instrument for bringing aspiring athletes up to world standards. All major sporting nations have adapted this technique to come up with effective strategies to train and improve their game. Currently, there are no systems functional to track and save sports performance data in the state. To tackle this limitation, The Directorate of sports and youth affairs (DSYA) has set up a Sports Digital Documentation and Analytics Centre to establish a digital library to provide numerous data related to each sport and athlete.

The main objective of the project is to follow all official events to set up a standardized archiving system through data collection including sports performance personal profiles under one system. The data collected would then be utilized for records, tracking and monitoring the performance of each athlete across events for different purposes of evaluation. Digital Documentation would also facilitate the opportunity to acquire years of information about the sporting history of the state which would be made available in the archive.

The Sports Digital Documentation and Analytics Centre aims at exposing budding talent to skills, tactics and planning strategies to improve their game. The data collected across various events can be used to track and assess the performances of established athletes and also to identify potential emerging talents. Sports Digital Documentation and Analytics Centre would be an effective tool to guide the state’s sports future and athletic support system. Data collection, documentation and analysis will provide the state with a great opportunity to document the sporting history of the state and to enhance professionalism and sporting excellence.


10th May 2023
48th Kerala State Sub-Junior Basketball Championship 2023/24
12th Jan 2024
AFC Asian Cup 2023
10th Jan 2020
Khelo India Youth Games Under-17s Women Volleyball 2020